You have questions; we have answers…

What kind of cabinets do you offer?

We offer flat-pack, semi-custom, and full-custom.

What’s the difference between flat-pack, semi-custom, and full-custom?

Money and options. Generally speaking, your flat-pack cabinets are going to be cheaper but you’re going to be limited on sizes, colors, and door styles.

Semi-custom pricing will be anywhere from mid-range on the flat-pack side to low-range on the full-custom side. Semi-custom lines have a limited but still fairly large range of options and colors. For those of you that want a semi-custom cabinet in a custom color, we can even order them unfinished and you can paint them yourself.

Full-custom is going to give you the complete spectrum of whatever options your mind can conceive, but it comes with a higher price tag.

The good news is, you don’t need to worry about which option is right for you. Once we hear what you have in mind, we can give you very clear direction on which categories will meet your needs best.

You’re currently based in Alabama and I’m on the other side of the country. Can you still help me?

You betcha, doncha know! We can ship cabinets from the sunny coast of southern California to the wicked harsh wintahs of Bahston, MA. If you’re in Alaska and we really like you, we’ll ship cabinets up your way, too. Hawaii, by the time you pay freight, you’d be better off just ordering custom cabinets from a local outfit – but, we’ll gladly ship cabinets to you, as well.

Technology is absolutely amazing! We love it and embrace it. There are all kinds of ways we can make it work for you. If you have a smart phone with a camera, we can make it happen.